The Internet of Things offers home, city and world-scale advertising across the widest touchpoints imaginable. From smart mirrors to smart mice each IoT-enabled entity is a potential customer and brand experience.
Traditional physical and digital advertising and marketing is as outdated now as the concepts of "below-the-line" and "above-the-line". Viewers, users, customers and staff all interact in a five-sense manner with brands and products in new ways never thought possible just a decade ago.
Consider the daily routine of a typical urban demographic —  the environment, objects and "devices" they use extend well beyond the smartphone or television. Even smart glasses or smart watches do not totally encompass the physical and mental field of a person and still have many space-time limitations.
Runblade™ is an entirely fresh advertising paradigm addressing the need for organisations to reach out to people via the IoT phenomenon from 2020 to as far out as 2035.