Transhumanism is no longer a fantasy. Significant research and increased consumer adoption of implants will grow from 2020 through 2030 and beyond. With System-In-Chip (SIC) technology an extremely high level of miniaturisation and encapsulation particularly at 5nm and below is now possible. 
Given the ubiquity of connectivity, sensors and interactivity, an implant now needs to communicate across a variety of mediums, eg. brain-to-brain, brain-to-sensor, sensor-to-sensor, and sensor-to-device. Combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) and nanodevice advances the era of the Ultra Intelligent Versatile Implant (or UIVI, pronounced you-eye-vee) for humans and animals is upon us.
Krymeis a brand-new protocol and platform designed for the demands of UIVIs in the near and far future, across a range of vertical and horizontal socio-economic biomes. Kryme™ is designed to be forward-compatible and aims to rethink the protocols used for near and far future implant and nano-communication.